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In 2007 Approval Given For 6 Storey Building in Binbrook

It has come to my attention that there is an application for a 6 storey building submitted for the property on the South West corner of Binhaven Blvd. and Binbrook Road, Binbrook Village.

As you know I have always opposed any application that exceeds the 3 story limit. After extensive research in the archives it was discovered that in 2007 (prior to my becoming Councillor), this property received approval for “special permission” to exceed the 3 storey height limit and Council approved it in 2007.

I have approached both our legal staff and planning staff to see if we can have the 6 storey approval reduced back to the 3 storey maximum height restriction as per the secondary plan, but unfortunately, we cannot legally reverse the “special permission” without the property owner’s approval.

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