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Farm 911 Initiative Enhances Emergency Response in Hamilton

The City of Hamilton is launching the Farm 911 initiative, a groundbreaking project aimed at improving emergency response to vacant farmland without municipal addresses. This program assigns a unique number to such farmland, streamlining identification for emergency responders and ultimately enhancing response times during critical situations.

The Farm 911 initiative is also known as "The Emily Project," inspired by a tragic accident involving young Emily Trudeau on a family farm in Ontario when emergency responders could not find the farm address and needed to be flagged down on a rural road. Emily's unfortunate passing highlighted the challenges faced by emergency responders when trying to locate properties without municipal addresses quickly.


To enroll in the program, farm owners can visit

Upon enrollment, participants will receive a red and white address sign installed prominently at the existing field access point. The signs and installation are provided free of charge, making it a crucial and accessible safety measure for rural properties.

Mayor Andrea Horwath emphasized the importance of the initiative, stating, "I want everyone in Hamilton to be safe, no matter where they live. If you own a remote or rural property, please sign up for Farm 911."

Fire Chief David Cunliffe of the Hamilton Fire Department echoed the sentiment, encouraging farm owners to participate. He emphasized that seconds count in emergencies and that Farm 911 ensures prompt access to individuals requiring help when they need it the most.

Hamilton Police Chief Frank Bergen also stressed the significance of prompt emergency responses, stating, "In emergency situations, every second counts. Participating in Farm 911 ensures prompt access to individuals requiring our help when they need it the most."

To learn more about the Farm 911 initiative and to enroll, visit Additional information can be found at

Applications for the free signage can be found here: FARM 911 Application

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