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‘Clean Air is a Yard Away’ lawnmower recycling event

Green Venture encourages your constituents to trade their old, polluting, gas-powered lawnmowers for a $50 rebate on an eco-friendly model at the upcoming ‘Clean Air is a Yard Away’ lawnmower recycling event at RONA Parkdale. Here are the details:

What: ‘Clean Air is a Yard Away’ lawnmower recycling events. At the events, gas-powered, walk-behind lawnmowers emptied of fluids can be exchanged for a $50 instant rebate (limit of one per person) on a new, eco-friendly model and a chance to win a cordless weed trimmer.

Who: Green Venture, an environmental education not-for-profit, in partnership with RONA Waterdown and RONA Parkdale, with support from Clean Air Hamilton, Hamilton’s, and Green Circle Recycling, is hosting the events. On April 30th, Green Venture and RONA Waterdown hosted a ‘Clean Air is a Yard Away’ event and helped recycle eighteen highly polluting lawnmowers while getting eighteen no or low emission mowers into use.

Why: Each year in Canada, around 80,000 tonnes of harmful emissions are released by gas-powered lawn equipment. By properly recycling old, polluting lawnmowers for a $50 instant rebate on a new, eco-friendly model at a ‘Clean Air is a Yard Away’ event, consumers can save money at the pump while doing their part to decrease pollution.

Who Should Attend: Individuals with traditional, gas-powered, walk-behind lawnmowers interested in getting a newer, eco-friendly model.

Where and When: A Green Venture lawnmower recycling booth will be open Saturday, May 14 from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. at RONA Parkdale (633 Parkdale Ave N Hamilton, ON L8H 5Z1, 905-547-3444)

Contact: Ms. Clare Wagner, 905-540-8787, ext 158,

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