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Turn your Family Walk into a Scavenger Hunt!

Family Fun with a Scavenger Hunt !!

Next time you are out for a walk try a Scavenger Walk, search out the following and cross them off as you find them, or run with the idea and make it your own. Enjoy !!

1. Black Dog 2. Orange Cat 3. Robin Bird 4. Flowering Tree or Bush 5. Baby Stroller 6. 2 door red car 7. white van 8. 4 door black car 9. Motorcycle 10. Blue pickup truck 11. Welcome Sign on a front porch 12. Black shingled roof 13. A lawn with more than 25 dandelions 14. An open garage door 15. Someone walking their dog 16. Someone pushing a stroller 17. A family out for a walk 18. 2 cars in a driveway together 19. Barbeque 20. Canada Flag

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