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Summer Playlot Programs for kids in our Ward 11 Parks

Playlot programs are operated by City of Hamilton summer students and they visit parks and organize games or crafts for children within the community. The following are playlot programs within ward 11, also check the calendar for other interesting things happening.

Laidman Park, Binbrook, Great Oak & Windwood Dr Mon 9-12noon, Wed 9-12noon & Thurs 9-12noon

Southbrook Park, Binbrook, Southbrook Dr & Etherington Cres. Mon thru Thurs 9-12noon Mon thru Thurs 1-4pm Friday 1-4pm

Sherwood Park, Fruitland, Sherwood Rd & Fruitland Rd Monday 1-4pm, Wed 1-4pm, Thurs 9-12noon

Summit Park, Hannon, Pinehill Dr & Dakota Rd Mon 9-12noon, Tues 9-12noon, Thurs 1-4pm

Winona Park, Winona, Barton St, between Winona & Fifty Rd’s Mon 1-4pm, Tues 1-4pm, Wed 9-12noon

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