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Safety #1 Reason for Clearing Snow off Sidewalks (SOS)

The Snow Removal Bylaw requires walkways, stairs, entrances and the sidewalks surrounding properties are clear of snow and ice 24 hours after a snow fall. Keeping sidewalks and walkways clear of snow and ice helps reduce injuries caused by slip and falls, especially for delivery and customer service workers and those who rely on mobility aids. When clearing snow and ice, please do not throw on a road or boulevard as it may interfere with traffic and has the potential to cause an accident and is illegal under the Snow Removal By-law.

Be a good neighbour and remember to help others. Helping Hands and Hamilton Snow Angels Awareness program are two programs to help seniors and disabled persons clear their snow off their sidewalks in the City of Hamilton. To contact Helping Hands, please call 905-546-3057. To contact Snow Angels, please call 905-523-1910 or visit them online at A good way to help your community is to volunteer to be a Snow Angel.

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