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Recreation Survey happening in the Winona Area

Councillor Johnson is hoping you will take a few minutes of your time and complete the recreation survey that students will be doing as part of a door to door survey is many areas of Winona.

The purpose of the survey is to gather information about local recreation programs and transit. A list of programs will be included in the survey that can be provided now, if you are interested. We’d also like your thoughts on local facilities and the possibility of future facilities, both indoors and outdoors.

This survey is step two in a process that Councillor Johnson has set up, it is hoped that as many as possible will participate. If a surveyor stops at your door, they will leave a “sorry we missed you” note asking you to call in to take the survey. If you haven’t had someone at your door and you’d like to take the survey, please call into the office at 905-546-4513 and we’d be happy to do the survey with you over the phone.

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