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National Puddle Day – Apr 27 noon-4pm. Mt. Hope Park, behind the Library

Dear Families, On June 21, 2010 a little boy named Matthew stood at the front door of Kinderseeds at 2:50pm with a big grin on his face, telling me how he was so excited to grow bigger so he could ride on the bus to his big school in September. I gave him a big hug and watched his proud face as his mommy strapped him into the back seat of the car with his baby brother. Well that sweet little face is still in my head… Matthew, baby Christopher and Mommy Trish were in a car accident on Hwy 6. Matthew died just mere minutes after leaving Kinderseeds that day. Matthew loved his firefighter rubber boots. He wore them rain or shine and he made sure that he jumped in EVERY puddle he could. Keeping that thought in mind, we are having a National Puddle Day! This will be on Wednesday April 27, 2011; April because it is the season for puddles, and the 27th because that was the day Matthew was born. All donations this year will go towards Matthew’s parents and his baby brother Christopher. Here is what we are asking. On April 27th each child and adult will wear their rubber boots to school/work and join in the fun of jumping in the puddles. We ask that you help your child fundraise to add to our donation. This could be done many different ways i.e. A Jump a Thon, Donate a toonie and jump in a puddle or even just jump and have fun. Whatever you think would be best for your organization. Our vision is that this will become a yearly event, where we can do our best to help other families in need. This year all money raised will go to Matthew’s family. In future years, money raised from this event will go to help other families who have lost their little angels in traffic accidents. Each Child needs:  Rubber Boots  A smile on their face  Energy to jump in puddles  Hope for rain that day! National Puddle day represent two things: 1. The innocence of children to want to jump and have fun 2. The puddles of tears we’ve shed for our lost angels

The main location for this event is 3027 Homestead Dr, Mount Hope (the Mount Hope park behind the library), between 12:00pm and 4:00pm. I have many supporters from the community coming out to enjoy this event. The Mount Hope Fire Department will be bringing 2 of their trucks full of water to spray across the field to create puddles for the participants to jump in and the Hamilton Police Department will be doing a barbeque. They are also willing to join any local schools that are participating to jump in the puddles with those children.

Here are a few of the organizations supporting National Puddle Day: Hamilton Police Department Mount Hope Fire Department Binbrook Fire department McMaster Hospital Local schools from the Public and Catholic school boards First Ontario Credit Union CHCH Hamilton Spectator (just to name a few)

How to Jump In Contact Sherri @: or (905) 679 5437

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