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Mount Hope Horticultural Group is hard at work

At the recent meeting of this group on May 22nd, they walked through the Village of Mount Hope and located areas for the four flower Planters that Councillor Johnson provided for them. All four planters will be located at the intersection of Airport Road and Homestead Dr.

The Planters will arrive early in the week of June 4th and one member has already obtained the flowers to be put into them. The group is hoping to get regular volunteers to water the planters as that will be key to their survival.

It was also agreed by the group that the rear of Mount Hope Community Centre needs some attention in order to see the Veterans Monument. In fact many were surprised at they hadn’t noticed it for so long, it had been forgotten. The hedge has grown so high around the monument, it blocked the view. The hedge also provided a haven for unwanted activities. The plan is to cut back the hedge on the sides to approx 2 feet in height and remove the hedge completely in front of the monument and plant some type of garden in the future. This will make quite a difference to that area.

The group also talked about some cuttings and trimmings for later in the season and all were pleased that they had a number of avenues of support to assist with their endeavors.

One area that was raised as a high priority to enhance the Village was the entrance points and what could be done to make their appearance better. Councillor Johnson has met with staff and they will be keeping the grass at the entrance points cut regularly over the summer. Brenda Johnson also managed to locate some funds within the City to assist with an entrance feature at the entrance points of Upper James and Airport Rd and Upper James and the north end of Homestead Dr. Brenda will be meeting with design staff to see what we already have designed for in other areas that may work well here.

The group is open to all and if you are interesting in participating, please let us know and we will let you know of the upcoming meetings.

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