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Health Tip – Fueling Your Springtime Hikes

Q: What kind of snacks will give me the right fuel when I am on a long hike? A: Choose nutritious snacks to get the right fuel for the hike. The snacks that you choose should come from one of the food groups on Canada’s Food Guide. There are many snacks you can take that are non perishable. If you take a small thermal lunch bag and ice pack you can increase you snacking options.

Make sure that your snacks provide a modest amount of calories (150 to 200 calories) to give you the energy boost you need along the trail. Resist over fueling. The reality is that calories eaten and unused will be stored as fat. Snacks that are nutritious can also be high in calories and/or fat. Trail mix is an example of a high calorie, high fat snack. If you choose this kind of snack, make sure your serving size is small (i.e. ¼ cup). For a long hike have a small snack every couple of hours.

Here is a list of excellent snacks to take on your hike:

Graham crackers Low fat granola bars Whole grain bagels/breads Fresh fruits such apple, banana, an orange, etc. Boxed 100% juice (a small ice pack) Low fat fruit yogurt (a small ice pack) Dried fruit such as raisins or apricots (1/4 cup) Trail mix (1/4 cup) Nuts and seeds (1/4 cup)

It is also important to stay hydrated by drinking water frequently throughout your hike. Be sure to also hydrate well the day before and drink plenty of fluids following your hike. Happy Trails!

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