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Anthony & Vincent’s Food Drive & Fundraiser Story

May 14, 2020. In the weeks leading up to Anthony and Vincent’s 7th birthday, Mom Jenny, and Dad Joel, contemplated what, given the circumstances and restrictions around COVID-19, would be a safe, practical and helpful way to commemorate their sons’ birthday. A car parade and drive-by sign party was a good option but they decided to add a twist. Formerly a Manager at Good Shepherd, Women’s Services, Jenny thought about how the pandemic must be impacting all of the community members and the vulnerable population there. After visiting the website, where the greatest needs were listed as: essentials and food, hygiene items, cleaning supplies and baby products, it was settled –they would have a food drive and fundraiser. Mom Jenny got in touch with Cathy Wellwood at Good Shepherd’s Development office. As always Cathy was helpful, and quick to offer support and encouragement. “I quickly designed some signage, hit up a local store (curbside) to get a giant speaker, borrowed a pop-up tent from our friends in the community, rented some stanchions from the lovely David at Complete Rentals and our fundraiser was well on its way,” said Mom Jenny. As much as this was about commemorating Anthony and Vincent’s birthday – the fundraiser served so many great purposes. “We really wanted to teach the boys a lesson about community building and service, as well as helping others in times of need,” said Dad Joel. The family spent the days leading up to the fundraiser delivering homemade flyers to the Hamilton mountain neighborhood where they live. It was a great family activity and burned off some of that quarantine energy too. The family also sent emails to family, friends, school mates, and even their school teacher and principal. This creative idea and quick action paid off. Even with it being Mother’s Day – family, friends, school mates and neighbors alike, came out in large numbers to support. “We were so happy with the turnout – we had a steady pace of supporters all day. One family would pull up, enter the stanchion guided tent area, have their photo taken quickly, and exit before the next family, and family after that did the same. So many neighbors came on foot even donating PPE (latex gloves), toilet paper and many more items”, said Jenny. “It was really great seeing neighbors that we haven’t met or had the pleasure of speaking too during our time living here. We received a lot of thanks from people who said they were happy to help but weren’t sure how to start,” said Jenny. It was a memorable, albeit, non-traditional birthday celebration. The family met their goal of filling an entire pick-up truck including the cab and back seat with food items, cleaning supplies and baby products, as well as raising $1,300 for donation to Good Shepherd.

Thank you Jenny Battaglia, Mount Hope Resident, for sending this “Great News Glanbrook” story in so it could be shared !!

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