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Glanbrook Animal Control Update

This issue of Glanbrook Animal Control was discussed on the May 17th agenda of the Planning and Economic Development Committee and it was referred to the Council Meeting of May 25th, 2011, 7:00pm.

The committee decided that they were not in a position to deal with this issue as it was an item in the 2011 City Budgt and it had to go to Council in order to make any changes.

Councillor Johnson is hoping that her fellow Councillors will see the importance of this issue and ask that it be looked at again with the idea of modifing the contract so that part of it such as by-law enforcement is done by city staff and the animal control part is done by the contracted out person.

Currently Michelle Bain is the person who holds the contract for service in the Glanbrook area and there has been a huge response in terms of support for her and the work that she does. Councillor Johnson has received numerous calls, letters and emails from residents who support keeping the service in Glanbrook contracted out.

If you wish to let members of Council know how you feel about the contracted out service in Glanbrook, you may do so by emailing and also please copy Brenda at

Please keep in mind, that this is a tendored contract for service.

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