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Glanbrook Animal Control Meeting

The Glanbrook Animal Control meeting had a good turnout. Resident raised a lot of good questions and made reference to specific issues that support keeping a contRacted out animal control service in the Glanbrook Community. There were a number of questions asked that didn’t receive proper answers from staff and I am working with Management Staff at this time to have those answer collected and made available to you as residents. After the meeting was over, I was sure left with the impression that this contract is working well and needs to be continued as a cost effective way to deliver service. The current contract which is approx $72,000.00 includes 24 hour, 7 day per week, 365 days per your response. It also included all vehicles, trailers and equipment necessarily to do the job and a holding area to house the animals. The issue of having City staff do the by-law enforcement component of animal control does make sense and should be considered. As your Councillor I believe it is important to recognize that there is a difference between urban and rural and those differences can be handled differently. We need to look at what works well and is cost effective and build on what makes good sense.

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