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Glanbrook Animal Control is going out to Tender!!

Glanbrook Animal Control is going out to Tender!!

This is good news for all the residents and supporters who petitioned the City of Hamilton to maintain a contracted out animal control service for Glanbrook. The petition, emails, letters and the public meeting gave a clear message to the City that residents are happy with a contracted out level of service for two reasons: cost and level of service.

As you will recall, during the 2011 Budget process for the City, the City Animal Control Management felt that they could provide the service in Glanbrook within their own budget and wanted to eliminate the contracted out service. Both myself and residents had a lot of questions in terms of dollar savings and level of service and I wasn’t convinced the savings were there. Staff couldn’t provide me with a cost analysis of how they could provide service to all of Glanbrook without suffering any increased costs or a service level decrease .

I would like to thank the residents of Glanbrook very much for all their input. The petitions and letter were a great addition to my argument that we need to keep Animal control in Glanbrook. The remaining petitions will be submitted with the city clerk as a matter of record.

As a result of public input and several discussions with both my colleagues and staff, Council voted unanimously to send the Glanbrook Animal Control out to tender to mimic that of the Flamborough Animal Control contract. That means the contract will be minus a few items such as enforcement and livestock evaluation. Enforcement is a big part of the job. That means regular patrol of all municipal parks to ensure owners are responsible with their animals such as having them on the leash and cleaning up after them. Please remember the SPCA protects animals, the Animal Control is to protect the public. Enforcement was removed from the contract as it seemed unfair to situate any kennel owner (and the contract must provide a kennel) in a position where he/she will be giving fines to potential customers.

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