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Friends of the Lee raising funds through calendar sales

A gorgeous 2 year (2012-2013) calendar has been created to assist with raising funds to help restore and repair the Erland Lee Museum. This calendar celebrates the birthplace of the Women’s Institute organization.

The Erland Lee Museum is in Ward 11 on Ridge Road at the top of the Dewitt Rd., mountain access. It is designated as a National Historic Site and also under the Ontario Heritage Act.

Councillor Brenda Johnson is trying to assist the “Friends of the Lee” wherever possible. She has been attending meetings with organizers, city staff and The Women’s Institute staff. She has secured grant dollars from the City on the condition that the Lee re-opens.

If you would like to purchase a calendar, there are some available at the Glanbrook Municipal Office or you can contact Brenda directly and she’ll see that you get one. The cost for the calendar is $20.00 and it is excellent value given the content and fundraiser. They will make great Christmas gifts. Remember, every little bit helps.

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