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Councillor Johnson, article “Jan 26th” edition of Glanbrook Gazette

A number of residents lately have been raising traffic related questions and the one asked the most is about the lights at the intersection of Hwy #56, Rymal and Upper Centennial Pkwy. Many want to know why there can’t be an advance green left turn signal for north bound traffic at this intersection. Staff have reviewed this location previously and although the additional advance green left turn would be of benefit here, the current traffic signal infrastructure does not allow for this addition. Full reconstruction of the traffic signal infrastructure including additional road construction is required in order to implement this advance left turn. Staff have made note of what is required and it is on the list for future construction projects.

Also, the traffic light at the intersection of Hwy #56 and Binbrook Road has raised many concerns as well especially with respect to pedestrian crossing. Again, this is an older signalized intersection that needs to be totally upgraded and it will be done as the urbanization of the Village continues.

Just a reminder that the intersection of Rymal and Fletcher Road will be having a new signalized traffic light installed this year. Many residents expressed their concern about the need at this location. It should also reduce a lot of the traffic through Summit Park as many vehicles enter that survey from Fletcher Road to access the lights at Dakota & Rymal.

I hope that many have noticed that the new intersection traffic lights at Upper James and Dickenson are now fully operational and we have had a lot of positive comments from residents about how happy they are to have it in place. Residents would still like to see a left turn lane in certain areas of Upper James to make it easier to enter and exit the highway and I have shared these concerns with staff.

As the snow season is now upon us, please remember that in order to help the snow plow keep your street clear, you need to put your cars in your driveway so that plow can move freely throughout your survey. Residential surveys are a priority 3 for snow clearing, that means that they are done after the main roads are clear and safe. It can quite often be at the end of the storm, but still try to do your best to keep your street free of parked cars.

Sidewalks are the responsibility of the property owner and the by-law states they must be cleared within 24 hrs of the snow fall. Please remember that this is for the safety of all pedestrians.

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