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Councillor Brenda Johnson is proud of Hamilton International Airport for 9/11 response.

On Wed, Sept 28th, Councillor Johnson proudly attended the Ceremony and unveiling of the commemorative plaque at the Hamilton International Airport. On the 10th Anniversary of Sept 11, the consul general of the United States of America, Kevin Johnson, came to express his nation’s thanks for the assistance given by the Hamilton International Airport. On Sept 11th, 4 U.S. airplanes were re-routed to Hamilton. Kevin Johnson also noted that we not only opened our Airport, but assisted with homes, food, shelter and medical attention for those in need. There were also approx 10 others that hand to land in Hamilton, about 2000 people in total were displaced.

It was a proud moment for Hamilton, to hear the words of respect, appreciation and thankfulness coming from consul general of the United States.

Councillor Johnson stated “This really solidifies the relationship we have with the United States. The events of 9/11 brought about a lot of changes”. Brenda also acknowledged it nice that the U.S. took the time to say thanks to their cousins in the north. “On that day, everyone came together and did what needed to be done, no questions asked”

The last lines on the plaque read, “Neither in terrorism nor any adversity can conquer free peoples. We are grateful to stand with the best neighbours any nation ever had. As together we look back, together we go forward. We are eternally grateful”

A photo of Consul General Kevin Johnson, Councillor Brenda Johnson and Mayor Bob Bratina, standing next to the commemorative plaque, was in the October 6th edition of the Glanbrook Gazette.

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