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Contract for Animal Services in Glanbrook

The following is the motion approved by Council with respect to the Animal Control Service in Glanbrook……

Whereas the 2011 operating budget approved by City Council included a $75,000 reduction to eliminate the private contractor providing Animal Control Services to the former Township of Glanbrook and to in-source this work to City staff; and

Whereas City Council subsequently provided direction for another service review/report and to retain the current contractor on a month-to-month basis until the Fall of 2011; and

Whereas the Glanbrook Community continues to question the City’s ability to maintain the current service levels at reduced costs.

Therefore, be it resolved that, in accordance with the second alternative identified on page 4 of staff report PED11190 (Contract for Animal Services in Glanbrook), staff be directed to issue a Request for Tender to provide carcass removal and disposal, pound keeping, and licensing services in Glanbrook using the same tender document as was used for Flamborough in 2011; and

That staff be directed to report back to the Planning Committee when the responses to the Request for Tender are received with a full cost comparison of contractual versus in-house service provision; and

That staff be directed to continue extending the contract for Glanbrook Animal Services on a month to month basis until the Request for Tender is awarded or otherwise resolved; and

That the estimated additional cost for the month to month contract be funded: firstly from the Planning and Economic Development budget; secondly from the 2011 and 2012 corporate surplus and thirdly from the tax stabilization budget.

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