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Binbrook 10 Storey OMB Update

This past Thursday April 19 an Ontario Municipal Board pre – hearing was held regarding a proposal for a ten-storey building on Binbrook Road. (Please follow the links for further information on this topic: Ten Storey Update 1 ; Ten Storey Update 2)

The OMB pre-hearing is an opportunity to determine the formal hearing dates and times and to also identify hearing participants. At the hearing this past Thursday it was determined that another pre-hearing would take place on November 1, 2018 at 10am at the new OMB location downtown Hamilton.

The pre-hearing was rescheduled to give the applicant the opportunity to have settlement discussions with City staff. Please note that at this time staff has been instructed to deny this application in its current form and also know that staff cannot agree to a settlement without council’s approval. The application will need to go through council before a settlement is granted or denied. The rescheduling of the pre-hearing will also give those wishing to seek a party or participant status to find time to organize their statements and decide which status they would most like to seek.

If a settlement is reached prior to November 1 it will be presented at the pre-hearing on November 1. If it is brought to a hearing, a hearing will likely not occur until Fall of 2019.

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