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Air Show – Fathers Day Weekend – Mount Hope

Airshow traffic will be restricted to A large portion of Mount Hope for the entire weekend during the 2012 Hamilton Airshow on Fathers Day Weekend June 16-17.

That was the focus of a special meeting by airshow organizers last Wednesday evening at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. The main purpose of the meeting was to inform local Mount Hope residents how it will affect them and to explain the planning strategy. Museum Vice-President of Operations, Pamela Rickards addressed the crowd; pointing out the affected areas using visual aids.

Here are the important things residents and non-residents need to know:

1. Restricted Travel Boundaries: Police will be monitoring access to Mount Hope from the town’s entry points. The intersections of Upper James St./Homestead Dr., Miles Rd./English Church Rd., Miles Rd./Airport Rd., Glancaster Rd./Airport Rd. Local residents and their house guests within those boundaries will be allowed to travel freely within town.

2. Shuttles For Residents: If you are in the affected area and wish to attend the Airshow, you MUST take the shuttle buses which will be running on a continual basis. They will drop you off at the show’s entrance in the middle of the airfield. Walking to the show is not an option as pedestrians will not be allowed to proceed towards the airshow and will be stopped by either police or security. Shuttle pick up points are at Southhampton Park on Thames Way in the new subdivision at the south end of town, ASRJ Communications on Airport Rd. (behind “The Store”), Frankie’s Bar & Grill, 447 Club, Strathearne & Marian and Longview & Marian. You are asked to walk from your home to these pick-up points as there is no room for parking. Upper James St, Dickenson Rd. and Whitechurch Rd. Will be open to traffic as usual.

3. Resident Vehicle Passes: Special “blue” passes are available from organizers for affected residents to expedite travel in and out of the restriction zone. They are to be hung from your rear view mirror. You will be waved through the check points quicker when displaying the pass. Extra resident passes are available should you need them. (see below for contact information)

4. Taxi Service: Usual taxi will take place in and out of town during the weekend. The HSR will be running a special weekend bus service from downtown Hamilton to the Airshow. Normally this bus only runs through Mount Hope on weekdays.

5. Flights: Scheduled commercial flights are not affected by the show. Arial acts will pause to give priority to outbound or inbound flights. Airlines are notifying their own passengers about the driving restrictions in place and arrangements are being made to accommodate their needs concerning normal drop off / pick-up at the terminal by family, friends or taxi.

6. No Stopping Zones: A wide radius of No Stopping zones will be in effect for the entire weekend. Some area roads including Airport Road will be posted with temporary signs on poles. By-Law officers will be providing strict enforcement. You will receive a costly fine if you want to pull over to watch the show in a posted secton of road.

7. Air Show Parking: General and handicap parking for the public is at Hamilton Sod on Airport Rd., east of Upper James. Police will be directing general traffic into the parking areas. Buses will shuttle people from there to the show and back.

8. General Safety Tips From Organizers: Should you or anyone in your household be traveling in the area during show time, please keep your eyes on the road ahead. Do not try to crane your neck to see a performing plane which passes over your moving vehicle. Keep well away from oncoming traffic (far right lane on Upper James) as they may be not quite as wise and safety conscious as you are.

Stay hydrated especially when walking to and from shuttles in town.

For resident passes contact Megan Hill at (905) 679-4183 Ext.255 or by e-mail

This information is compliments of Mike Burgess of the Glanbrook Gazette

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