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Winter Update

Reminder:  On Monday February 2nd, 2015, waste collection services were cancelled and they are rescheduled for Saturday February 7th, 2015.

Reminder:  If you are clearing your driveway and or sidewalk, PLEASE DO NOT put the snow onto the road.  It creates a number of problems for drivers and snow plows.  The plows will only put it back onto the side of the road or the entrance to driveways again.  In some areas, residents are blowing the snow onto the roads and created a lot of problems, the city trucks are pushing the snow off the roads and in many cases onto the boulevards or grass areas and if salt/brine has been mixed with the snow, it may damage the grass.

Reminder:  Please keep your vehicles off the roads during snow clearing times so that the plows can clear the streets properly.

Reminder:  Your sidewalks need to be cleared within 24 hours of the snow fall.

Reminder:  Watch for and remind children it is not safe to toboggan or slide down mounds of snow that are adjacent to streets or traffic areas.

Please have an eye for those who are unable to clear their snow, every little bit of assistance helps a lot.  Working together, we can keep our roads and sidewalks safe!

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