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Winter Scavenger Hunt – In Town..

1. Snowman 2. Snow blower 3. Shovel 4. A pile of snow taller than you 5. Salt on the sidewalk 6. A birds nest 7. Animal Foot prints 8. A vehicle plowed in with snow 9. A front porch not shovelled 10. A toboggan or sleigh outside a house 11. A garage door open 12. A black squirrel 13. A grey Squirrel 14. A bird feeder 15. Christmas lights still up 16. Someone walking their dog 17. Someone wearing a red hat 18. Someone wearing a striped scarf 19. Someone wearing running shoes 20. A family of 2 or more walking with a dog and a stroller 21. A snow plow 22. A shovel standing against a house or door. 23. Icicles 24. 2 birds sitting together 25. A squirrel on a fence 26. A dog barking 27. A cat outside 28. A car driving on the road with snow on the roof 29. A one piece snow suite 30. Some one pulling a toboggan

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