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WINONA SKATE RINK – Volunteers NEEDED this Saturday, Dec 21st at 10am

John Schrock is leading the volunteers in organizing and maintaining the Winona Outdoor Skate Rink at Winona Park, on Barton Street between Winona & Fifty Rd’s.  

The Winona Men’s Club has purchased a large liner for the base of the outdoor rink and John has order the wood required to frame and hold the liner in place.  

The liner weighs 500 lbs and it will take a lot of hands to spread and put in place, then using wood, make a frame so that it stays in place and holds the water.  

Many volunteers are needed to accomplish this task in one day.  If you can help, PLEASE DO !!!!  

John is asking all volunteers to arrive at 10am this Saturday at the park, dressed warm and ready to assist. 

The is a Community Rink, supported by the Community.  Please help any way you can even if it’s for only a short time !! 

Thanking you in advance for your assistance !    

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