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Winona Peach Festival Upcoming Events

Winona is gearing up for the biggest party of all, the Winona Peach Festival and it has 3 special events each year.  The first is the Winona Peach Pageant and it will be held on Thursday July 10th, 2014 at Luina Gardens.  If you are a young lady between the ages of 16-19 check out their web page if you interested in running in the pageant.

The second Winona Peach Festival Event is the Grand Peach Ball, a dinner and dance event held at Liuna Gardens on Friday July 18th, for details please see their web.

And the Big Event itself the Winona Peach Festival is the weekend of Aug 22-24 at Winona Park, 1328 Barton St E., Winona.  This Festival is a perfect example of “People Working Together for a Better Community”.

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