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Veteran Parking in Hamilton

After hearing about a Veteran in Ward 11 getting a parking ticket Councillor Johnson attending the City of Hamilton Veteran’s Committee yesterday and raised the issue of Veteran’s having to pay to park in Hamilton.  Currently Veterans 60 years and older get free parking, but anyone under 60, regardless of the license plate on the vehicle must pay.

Brenda believes that a Veteran, who can put his life on the line to protect our Country, can be given the courtesy of free parking in Hamilton, regardless of age.   She doesn’t believe additional staff is required to do this, it’s as simple as having the Veteran license plate on your vehicle.  The Federal Government has the criterea already in place to get a Veteran license plate, we don’t need to create our own.  If City Parking By-law Officers see the license plate, they simply pass it by. 

Staff believe that doing this will create a loss of revenue for the City, those figures haven’t been confirmed yet.  This issue will come back to the City’s Veteran’s Committee on April 8th for further discussion.

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