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Upper Centennial Trunk Sewer Tunnel coming up Hwy #56

This construction project is coming up Upper Centennial Pkwy from Green Mountain Road and onto Hwy #56 up to Golf Club Road.

The City of Hamilton has a contract with McNally Construction Inc. to complete works as called for under the contract. Ward 11 residents who live on Hwy #56 from Rymal/Upper Centennial to Golf Club Rd will be contacted by McNally Construction Inc. in order to conduct investigations of the properties adjacent to the site to determine well water levels and quality. Your cooperation with McNally Construction Inc. is appreciated. Homeowners affected by this survey will receive notification from the contractor in the next week or so to schedule a mutally convenient time to access the premises for the purpose of completing the survey. Residents should have been contacted by this time and if you live within this boundary and have not been contacted please let us know or the staff contacts below.

For further information on this project, the staff contacts are:

Construction Technician, Hazel Rodrigues, 905-546-2424, ext 2438 Project Manager, David Mullen, 905-546-2424, ext 3768 General Construction Section, 905-546-4313

The letter from McNally Construction Inc. is as follows:

Dear Homeowner,

As you may well already be aware, commencing this summer will be the construction of a trunk sanitary sewer along Upper Centennial Pkwy (between Green Mountain Rd W and Golf Club Rd) for the City of Hamilton by means of tunneling operations, being completed by McNally Construction Inc. In order to carry out this work, a process called “dewatering” will take place along Upper Centennial Pkwy. Hydrogeological investigations on the surrounding area have shown there may be minor effects on the surrounding local water level during these operations. For this reason, throughout the project duration we will be closely monitoring the state of the water table on the project and within the surrounding area.

Our investigations show the well on your property is within the possible groundwater-effected area. Before dewatering operations begin, we would like to test the groundwater so we can document any effects on the water quality or level once dewatering commences. During the week of May 4th, 2015, McNally would like to carry out a baseline investigation of the water quality and level of your well, along with other wells in the surrounding area. The test would involve taking a well-water sample from the private well on your property (outside your home), and conducting a simple test to determine the elevation of the water table. This would be a short test, having no impact to your water source or requiring access to your home.

As the well is on your private property, I would like to request access to your private well one day between May 4-8, 2015, between the hours of 8am and 5pm (exceptional times can be arranged by phone), for approximately a 30min duration. This test would be solely for performing a baseline analysis on the water level and quality of your residence, and again, will have no effects on the water to your house or require access to your home. Please contact myself to provide McNally with permission or denial of access. If you do not contact me or reject access, we will be unable to set a baseline and should problems arise we will not have a proper bases for comparison.

Thank you for your time, and we appreciate your co-operation, Sincerely, Josh VanAndel Project Technician McNally Construction Inc. C 416-949-7334 W

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