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Update on Hwy #56, Binbrook Construction Project

I wanted to provide you with a staff update  for this construction project:

In spite of best efforts of the Design Team we were unfortunately delayed in putting out the project for tender due to various reasons. At this time we will be tendering the project for early September 2015. The limits of construction has been reconsidered and are as below:

Tender 1:

  1. Regional Road 56: Southbrook to Cemetery Road which consists of Road reconstruction, sidewalk, traffic signals, sewers, and watermain.

  2. The construction of sanitary sewer alone will continue further north for another 1.5km up to the bridge over the creek (which is halfway between Cemetery and Golf Club Road.

  3. Construction of an overflow sewer works at Southbrook Road is also part of this tender.

Tender 2:

.   The construction of sanitary sewer alone by tunneling methods from bridge to Golf Club Road (1.5km)

Contract 1 will be out for tender in 2015, all works will commence as early as weather permits in 2016 and completed in 2016.

Contract 2 will be out for tender in March 2016. This project will be co-ordinated with the current tunneling project on Upper Centennial which is to complete construction in 2017 up to Golf Club Road.

This year there will be limited construction on Hwy 56 by Utilities that need to relocate before City contractor starts work.

We apologize for the inconveniences caused.

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