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Contract C13-61-15 Stormwater Management Ponds Dredging and Repair

The City of Hamilton has a contract with Bronte Construction to complete works as called for under contract C13-61-15 Stormwater Management Ponds Dredging and Repairs. The location of each Stormwater Management Pond is as below.

     Pond #105 located at Aquamarine Dr. & Watershore Dr. in Ward 11

Construction is scheduled to commence on or about October 05, 2015, with a completion date of November 15, 2015, weather permitting. The work may include but not limited to: pond wide sediment removal, removal and disposal of debris and dead tree branches, construction of maintenance access road, application of topsoil and seed.

During this time you may experience some inconveniences such as noise, dust, and restricted traffic movement. Every effort will be made to do the work in a timely manner and to keep any inconvenience to a minimum. We ask for your patience during this period.

Please keep this letter in a convenient location for future reference. We ask for your cooperation during this period and request that any questions regarding this work be directed to either:

Abdul Samadi, On-site inspector, (905) 629-0099, ext 302 (Office) or (647) 228-2367 (Cell)

Will Cowlin, Project Engineer, (519) 224-3749 (Office) or (519) 803-7834 (Cell)

Derek Sohail, Project Manager (905) 546-2424, ext 2929

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