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Trinity Church Road “traffic update”

As a result of Councillor Brenda Johnson’s June 25th meeting, the following are rough notes:

Trinity Church Road Traffic Calming

Councillor Johnson introduced City Staff from the Traffic Dept., Stephen Cooper and Aneta Zaszkowska.

Staff advised that after doing a number of studies and traffic counts they would suggest 2 additional all-way stops on Trinity Church Road. One at Golf Club Rd and the other at Airport Rd. They advised that this brings Trinity Church more in line with Fletcher Road in terms of stop locations. They also advised that neither of these all-way stops are warranted based on traffic policies as they are limited or almost no traffic incidents at these locations. They did recognize that the concerns about traffic are driven by speed and that all-way stops may not reduce speed but will increase noise at and near the all-stop locations.

There were approximately 40 residents in attendance and many appeared to support these 2 suggested additional all-way stop locations. There were also a few residents who were not happy with the location of an all-way stop at Golf Club because of additional noise to their homes.

It was noted that the hill on Trinity Church, just south of Golf Club is also a concern for safety. It was also suggested that stop ahead signs would be warranted and staff advised that that would be done as a normal practice given the hill.

Rumble strips were suggested but staff advised that there is a high level of noise that comes with noise and they are not recommended close to residential homes.

A signalized traffic light at Trinity Church was raised and residents were advised that it is coming with the reconstruction of Rymal Road next year.

Safety concerns for pedestrians was raised and there was concern that new stops locations won’t reduce speed or pedestrian safety.

 Another resident suggested reducing the speed limit to 50k’s on Trinity Church Rd.

Staff agreed that all-way stops don’t reduce speed by much nor does reducing the speed limit. Drivers tend to drive at a comfortable speed based on road conditions and Trinity Church Road is newly paved, no trees overhanging or crowding it or bends in the road to make driving uncomfortable.

Some felt that stop signs were just a band aid and won’t solve the speeding problems. We need to create a plan to widen or deal with Hwy #56 so it is the commuter route choice.

A comment was made that more police radar is needed to keep traffic at the correct speed and to keep trucks on the Trinity Church Rd.

There was a question about the speed on Rymal by the new Separate High School being built. Staff advised that the speed would be reduced to 50K’s in front of the school and also there would be Flashing School Zone lights at entry and dismissal times.

Councillor Johnson asked residents to think about what staff have suggested and let her know what they’d like to see. She thanks Traffic staff for their assistance and traffic staff went out into the lobby to respond to any other questions that residents might have.

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