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Speeding & Aggressive Driving Hotline “905-546-1768”

If you see speeding & aggression diving in your neighbourhood, you need to call the Police Aggressive Driver Hotline!

When police set up radar in a community, quite often the great majority of speeders live right in that area and know the speed limits.  In an effort to better serve the Community, the police have set up an Aggressive Driver Hotline to receive calls about this very thing.

If you see a driver not following the rules, then call the hotline number 905-546-1768.  It is an anonymous call, but please give as much detail as you can such as license plate number, colour or model of vehicle and a description of the driver, such as male/female, young/old etc.    The police will do they best to contact the owner of that vehicle.   This hotline also lets the police know where they need to focus their efforts in terms of patrols.

Working together, we can make our neighbourhoods a safer place!

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