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Regional Road 56 from Golf Club Road to north of Guyatt Road:

Meeting to Discuss Possible Effects to Your Water Supply During Construction

The final phase of sewer tunneling on Regional Road 56 from Golf Club Road to north of Guyatt Road is proposed to

be constructed next year.

In order to carry out this work, a process called “dewatering” is occurring along parts of Upper Centennial Parkway

and will be extended south along Regional Road 56 as work progresses. Experience to date, along the Centennial

Parkway section, has shown that there may be a significant effect on the surrounding local water wells close to the

tunnel during dewatering.

Your property appears to have a building that lies within 500 m of the proposed tunnelling project along Regional

Road 56 between Golf Club Road and Guyatt Road (see attached figure).

You are invited to attend a Public Information Meeting to discuss the possible effects to your water supply during


Meeting will take place:

Location: Binbrook Memorial Hall – 2600 Highway 56, Binbrook

Date: Thursday May 19, 2016

Time: 5:00pm to 7:00pm

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