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Police to Kick off ATV Project

Earlier this month Councillor Brenda Johnson met with Police to talk about local issues. A number of issues were raised such as: – Speeding – Aggressive Driving – Traffic Enforcement – Areas in need of extra Police Presence – ATV Issues

The police had a lot of positive feed back for the above issues and also about the ATV project there are going to kick off. There will be an education as well as an enforcement component to this project.

ATV use is an issue to both urban and rural residents. Farmers have concerns about damage to their crops and property and urban residents are concerned about dust, noise and unsafe use on their streets, sidewalks and parks.

ATV users need to be reminded that you need the permission of the property owner to ride on their property or they are trespassing. Trespassing during planting season can cost a farmer thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Police now have their own ATV’s to use where needed. They will be out early and will respond to areas of concern. Police advise that if you have a person on your property who is not supposed to be, they don’t encourage confrontation, but if there’s a way to identify the person, give the police a call and relay that message on.

Information such as the type of vehicle being driven, as well as the make, model, year, colour, and direction it was traveling in can all help the police in their investigation.

This information should be called in to 905-546-4925.

Please note that the Haldimand Area ATV Club has a network of legal trails for its members to access, give them a call at 905-679-2419 for details. Or the Ontario Federation of ATVers can be contacted through Facebook.

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