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Parking Regulations for Fall Fair Way, Binbrook

In 1996, Fall Fair Way was designed to be built to serve as a by-pass for the intersection in town.

Also in the plan, properties on Hwy #56 and Binbrook road within the Binbrook Village are zoned commercial.

There are currently several applications to build various commercial businesses to serve the population such as a Freshco, restaurants, etc.

When these businesses and future applications are operational, the traffic will spill onto Fall Fair Way as it was designed.

The original plans are to have 4 lanes and no parking on either side. I had a community meeting in March of this year and had staff hear the public’s concerns.

As a result of that meeting, we kept more parking except near the roundabouts, intersections and driveways for sight line purposes.

I also understand there is limited parking in the residential areas. Since I have been in office, I have informed the developers that we need to have more parking on each property, enough for 2 vehicles and the garages need to be large enough to hold an average size vehicle.

The “no parking” signs were posted on Fall Fair Way, last Wed, Sept 19th and Thurs, Sept 20th and enforcement didn’t start until the 24th of Sept, allowing a few days for people to notice and adjust.

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