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Notice of One Day Road Closures in Rural Glanbrook Area

To accommodate replacement of cross culverts on three rural road segments in the Glanbrook area this week, each of the following locations will be CLOSED to vehicular traffic passage for the given day, between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. (or earlier):

1. Tuesday May 12 – White Church Rd. W. (Upper James St. to Glancaster Rd.) – excavation site at rural address No. 9349, located immediately west of Highway 6 overpass.

2. Wed. May 13 – Airport Rd. W. (Homestead Dr.. to Hwy. 6 By-pass intersection) – .) – excavation site is situated 100 m easterly of Cargo Rd. East. There will be complete access to all Hamilton Airport entrances from the west via Airport Rd. and the King’s Highway 6 (By-pass) intersection. The normal designated Truck Routes to/from the airport remain accessible and expected to be followed by heavy truck traffic.

3. Thursday May 14 – Mud St. E. (First Rd. E. to Second Rd. E.) – excavation site located at West edge of intersection with Second Rd. E.

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