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Mega Used Book Sale June 22 – 26

Glanbrook Home Support is having another Mega Used Book Sale as a fundraiser and also as a service to the Community.   Many residents love to attend the book sale and pickup great used paper backs for 50 cents and hard covered books for a dollar.   Best of all, it goes to support a great cause.

The book sale is being held in the open area of the Glanbrook Municipal Building, 4280 Binbrook Rd., next to the arena and soccer fields and the sale occurs between 9am and 4pm daily from Monday to Friday that week.

If you have any used books that you are looking to donate, the GHSP would love to receive them for this sale.  All donations can be dropped off at the same location from now through to the book sale.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out this sale, please drop by, there are tonnes of great books to enjoy !

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