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HSR & DARTS Service Update

HAMILTON, ON – In our continued effort to keep you informed we wanted to share this update to help with the concern’s customers may have regarding the move to a Saturday level of service, and what is being done at HSR to help stop the spread of the virus. All decisions are being made in consultation with the Union executive and City of Hamilton’s Public Health and Emergency Operations Centre teams to ensure there is a reliable and sustainable plan for service to continue over the coming weeks.

HSR is seeing a decrease in boardings and expect this trend to continue. The decision to move to a Saturday service level was made for us to redeploy operators and add articulated buses to other routes where there is a greater demand. We are continuing to adjust schedules and are adding supplemental service on selected routes, to help mitigate crowding and improve social distancing.

HSR has implemented several additional cleaning protocols and is practicing social distancing while maintaining service for our customers by blocking the seats immediately behind the operator; and until further notice, customers are being asked to board and exit buses from the rear doors only and to stay behind the yellow line. Only customers with personal mobility devices (PMD) will be permitted to enter and exit through the front door. We will not be collecting fares until further notice.

Updated schedules Saturday service level schedules are being added to the website. Customers can continue to find real-time information regarding HSR services in all the ways they always have. For information please visit: and the following: o Bus Check 905-527-4441 o SMS Text o Trip planner o Social Media @HSRNow

TransCab TransCab will continue to operate on weekends; however, they have changed operations in all TransCab areas, carrying only 1 or 2 customers per TransCab vehicle, depending on vehicle size (sedan or minivan). This may result in additional wait times, depending on how many TransCab vehicles remain available.

DARTS Effective today, DARTS will be restricting service to ‘Essential Trips’ only and have implemented a three-step screening process by their reservationists. Essential Trips include: • Going to work • Going to the doctor or to other medical treatment • Going to a lab for any medical testing • Pick up prescribed medication • Shop for groceries or any other necessities • If the answer is no to all the above, they will not book the trip. • If yes to any of the above, the reservationist will proceed to the following steps to determine if the trip can be booked.

Lost and Found HSR Lost Items is closed to the public effective end of day March 20, 2020.

If you have lost something on the HSR, we’ll keep it safely stored as per our usual processes. If you have lost something critical, please call us between 8:30am and 4:30pm at 905 546 2424 Ext. 1882.

If we have your item of significant value (i.e. Wallet, ID, cell phone) and you need it urgently, we will make arrangements for you to pick it up from our office at the Hamilton GO Centre, HSR Customer Service Office, 36 Hunter St. E. Do not come to the HSR Customer Service Office unless you have called us and confirmed that we have your item.

FARES Beginning Thursday, March 19, and until at least April 5, the requirement to pay a fare is not required. While the HSR Customer Service Centre (36 Hunter St. E.) currently remains open, we request that customers wait until at least April 5 to purchase any HSR fare products, including tickets, passes, DARTS Books, Taxi Scrip, and renewals of Senior Annual Passes.

Senior Annual Pass holders do not need to renew their Passes even though their current Pass may expire March 31, 2020.

Customers should also refrain from purchasing April Month Passes from the HSR, our vendors, or through PRESTO until further notice.

Cleaning HSR has several measures in place in addition to their daily standard cleaning protocol. The Entire feet a complete hard surface wipe down with sanitizing wipes as well as a full bus antimicrobial fogging treatment. There is a wipe down of all hard surfaces every other day with sanitizing wipes in addition to the regular cleaning.

Beginning Thursday March 19, certified technicians were onsite to begin applying the The AEGIS Microbe Shield treatment to all buses. The application of this product is done by multiple crews concentrating on one vehicle per application. In addition to a high concentration on the driver’s area the following high touch surfaces directly applied to include: • Seat back cushions • Seat bottom cushions • Head rests • Head rest hand grips (all surfaces) • Window sills, window panels, yellow call strip / bell cord • Arm rests (all surfaces) • Stanchions (all surfaces) • All grab bars (all surfaces) • Box and cabinet surfaces and locks / handles

The goal is to have this completed by Sunday March 22, 2020. Each application and wipe down takes a full crew of 7 people per bus for a half hour, followed by a half hour dry time. Vehicles that have been treated will have a round green sticker on the rear-view mirror installed for quick identification. This can be seen from the outside of the vehicle.

• The AEGIS Microbe Shield, forms a durable chemical bond upon application and remains chemically attached to the surface on which it is applied. It functions by electrostatically and physically interrupting the bacterial or viral cell membrane and preventing its ability to survive on a protected surface.

• The AEGIS Microbe Shield destroys any organism with a cell membrane upon contact and will continue to do so until the physical surface has been removed through repeated wear.

• AEGIS provides a long-lasting defence to control the growth and survival of microbes on just about any surface. The modified surface will retain antimicrobial activity for an extended period of time, even after repeated cleanings.

Additional Resources • For regular City of Hamilton COVID-19 updates, please visit and • Visit to learn more about how the province continues to protect Ontarians from COVID-19 • Public Health Services’ COVID-19 Hotline 905-974-9848 or

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