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Hamilton’s Proposed RURAL ZONING

Stary Informed – Learn abut the Zones and How they impact you.  The City of Hamilton invites you to attend an Open House for the porposed RURAL ZONES

WHY?  New zoning for the rural area has been developed: 

  1. To Implement the Rural Hamilton Official Plan; and,  

  2. To establish consistent zoning in the rural area.


  1. Wed., Jan 15, 2014 at the Binbrook Fairgrounds (Ag Hall), 2600 Hwy 56, Binbrook

  2. Thurs., Jan 16, 2014 at the rockton Fairgrounds Hall, 812 Old Hwy 8, Rocton


  1. 2pm – 4pm with a presentation at a2:30pm

  2. 6pm – 8pm with a presentation at 7pm

If you have accessibility requirements to participate in this event, please contact staff below.  Advanced requests are encouraged to enable us to meet your needs.

Diana Yakhni, Planner,  Planning & Economic Development Department

Phone, 905-546-2424, ext 7582 or Email:

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