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Hamilton Conservation area starts reopening

HCA opens rail trails in first phase of reopening With the recent directions from the Province for a gradual and staged re-opening of services, HCA has consulted with the City of Hamilton Emergency Operations to begin the process of a phased re-opening of our conservation areas and trails. Effective May 9, HCA will begin the process of re-opening starting with our rail trails.

Rail trails include: Hamilton to Brantford Rail Trail (Dundas) Dofasco 2000 Trail (Stoney Creek) Lafarge 2000 Trail (Flamborough) Chippewa Trail (Hamilton) Canal Park Trails (Dundas)

All visitors must follow emergency measures and guidelines to allow these trails to remain open safely. Such measures will be posted onsite and include:  Practice physical distancing by staying 2 metres (6 feet) apart from other trail users.  Step off the trail to allow others to pass.  Do not gather or arrange to meet friends or other groups.  Pets must be leashed at all times.  Pack out what you pack in.

All amenities will remain closed. There is no vehicle access to conservation areas at this time.

Trail etiquette is always important, and responsible public use will allow us to safely operate these trails and work towards the other phases of reopening areas for passive use.

Please note the Rail Trail is the ONLY part of the Dundas Valley Conservation Area that is open. Please do not enter the conservation area or use any other trails.

HCA will be looking at reopening its conservation areas for passive hiking/biking use only as part of its next phase in the coming weeks if it is deemed safe and logistically possible to do so, and in consultation with municipal officials. Camping and marina operations will resume at a later date following provincial directions and waterfall and escarpment areas will reopen last due to their limited size and capacity.

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