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Hamilton Community Combats Climate Change

Oct. 16, 2012 – Hamilton achieves its 2012 emission targets and is on its way to meeting its 2020 targets. The City’s annual climate change report was presented to the Board of Health yesterday as part of October’s Climate Change Action Month.

The 2011 Climate Change report shows that community greenhouse gas emissions in 2010 were an estimated 19,975,603 tonnes, a reduction of 14.5% from 2006 emissions levels (estimated at 23,351,712 tonnes), and the City has reduced its emissions by 16% (113,778 tonnes) in 2011 compared to the 2005 emissions of 135,038 tonnes.

In 2008, the City adopted community emission targets of a 10% reduction of 2006 greenhouse gas levels by 2012, followed by a further 20% reduction of 2006 greenhouse gases levels by 2020. These results are due to improved energy efficiency and conservation actions in the community and the shifting of energy from coal as part of the Province’s actions towards the phasing out of coal in Ontario’s energy mixture sources by 2014.

In 2011, Hamilton became the first community in Ontario with a Climate Change Action Charter. The Charter has won the support from City Council and 40 local business, academic, government, faith and environmental groups including McMaster University, Mohawk College, the Hamilton-Wentworth Public School Board, the Hamilton Conservation Authority, the Royal Botanical Gardens, Green Venture, Environment Hamilton, Union Gas, Sustainable Hamilton, Eco Churches of West Hamilton, REfficient, Greening Marketting Inc., North End Neighbours, Hamilton 350, as well as Clean Air Hamilton.

The Community Climate Change Action Charter is a voluntary statement that acknowledges the reality of climate change and asks commitment to measure and set targets for the reduction of emissions at the personal, organizational and community level. The Charter is available online at:

On October 29, the Climate Change Action Charter and community actions will be celebrated at Liuna Station (360 James Street North) from 8am – 11am as part of Climate Change Action month in Hamilton. Organizations who have endorsed the Charter will sign and share their experiences as part of the breakfast launch.

October is Hamilton’s fourth official Climate Change Action Month, residents and businesses are encouraged to get educated and active in addressing climate change and continue to reduce local emissions.

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