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Hamilton City Council Approves 2017 Capital Budget

HAMILTON, ON – December 14, 2016 – On December 14, Hamilton City Council approved the 2017 Capital Budget.

Council approved the 2017 Capital Budget which will support $216 million gross in capital infrastructure projects. The increase in capital funding from property taxes equates to an increase in the operating budget of 0.5 per cent or $4.0 million. This represents an increase of $16 per year on an average household.

“The budget includes investments in the term of Council’s top three priorities of Economic Prosperity and Growth, Built Environment and Infrastructure and Our People and Performance, “ says Mike Zegarac, General Manager of Corporate Services.” “These investments will reinforce current momentum in the renaissance of the city’s waterfront, while protecting the delivery of City services through increased investments in maintaining the City’s $22.3 billion in infrastructure assets,” comments Zegarac.

As part of Council’s direction, the Capital Budget will be focused on roads, bridges, traffic, sidewalks, open space development, corporate and recreation facilities rehabilitation and supporting community health and harm reduction. In addition, investments will be made towards strategic growth capital projects, which include the West Harbour, downtown revitalization and parkland acquisition.

Some of the 2017 Capital project highlights include:

• $71.9 million towards Roads, Bridges, Traffic and Sidewalks • $11.1 million towards Roads Growth • $17.7 million towards Transit (excludes Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF) Subsidy Program) • $10.5 million towards Open Space Development/Parks • $19.6 million towards Recreation and Corporate Facilities • $27.2 million towards West Harbour Development • $2.2 million towards Downtowns and Commercial Districts • $0.5 million towards City Housing Hamilton • $0.5 million towards Housing Services • $1.7 million towards Long-Term Care Facilities

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