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Hamilton City Council Approves 2015 Capital Budget

The 2015 Capital Budget supports $261 million in capital infrastructure projects.

The focus of this budget is on roads, corporate and recreational facilities, long-term care and cultural properties, and investments that support growth.

Funding sources of the gross capital budget include property taxes and non-property tax funding sources, such as, development charges, reserves and government subsidies.  The increase in capital funding from property taxes equates to an increase in the operating budget of 0.5% or $3.7 million.  This represents an increase of $15 on an average household.

Capital Infrastructure Investment highlights include:

– $82.6 million for road maintenance

– $16.6 million for growth related road improvements

– $13.1 million for transit buses

– $11 million for other transit priorities

– $14.4 million in corporate and recreation facilities in need of rehabilitation

– $11 million for West Harbour Strategic Initiatives

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