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Good news stories: • Huge shout out to Dan Black from Mount Hope for hosting Friday night concerts from his garage for his neighbours to celebrate another healthy week. Neighbours enjoy his music while social distancing in their driveways or on their evenings walks. Bravo!

• While getting fresh air you may have noticed colourful rocks in your neighbourhoods with encouraging words or beautiful artwork on them! These are thanks to those in your community who have been decorating and hiding these fun finds to bring smiles to their neighbours. You can see more of these beautiful pieces of art on the Facebook pages ‘Mount Hope Rocks’ and ‘Binbrook Rocks’.

• To support our essential workers an adult lifestyle community in Binbrook has been coming out of their homes at 7:30 every evening to bang pots and make noise to cheer on our essential workers who are working so hard for all of us.

• Aspen Lozecki age 17 and Autumn Lozecki age 15 from Binbrook have been busy using their creativity to decorate sidewalks in front of their home to encourage and spread joy to those walking by!

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