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This past May long weekend, a team of WSCC Condo 3 residents, cleaned the city owned wooded area at the corner of Twenty Road and Garth Streets. The team consisted of Kathy and Rick Clark, Ralph Carter, Terry Daw, and Glenn and Shelley Davis, all of Tallforest Drive.

It was a tough job and the latest report indicates that 100 discarded pooh bags, many empty liquor bottles, and multiple bags of trash were dragged out.

I know you are a believer in people and businesses partnering with the city and wanted to recognize the efforts of these folks. This is doubly important because during normal times many folks walk the sidewalks and wooded area; but now………..with covid 19 there are many extra walkers.

So a big “shout out” to these men and women……….how good is this effort

Thanks for sending this in Dave Williams

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