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Good Recreation News for Mount Hope

We are excited to announce today that the Supie program has now expanded to service the Mount Hope area at SouthHampton park (Thames/Fulmar). The Supie will be on site starting today, and will continue to operate full time Monday-Friday, 9-12pm and 1-4pm until August 15th (excluding August holiday and Friday morning meeting days).    

Since opening on June 30th, we have had a couple patrons request Supie service in Mount Hope – we want to thank the residents to who came forward to share what they would like to see more of in their community, and are happy to be able to expand. We also see this as a huge conduit to be able to promote the new Fall lineup for programs in Mount Hope that Craig Rushton and his team have been working on.

On another positive note – Free Fitness on the Park ran on SouthHampton for the first of three times on Saturday and we had strong turn out from the community, with 10 individuals present and ready to get fit. We will be evaluating the success of this program to see if it is something we can continue to offer on a weekly basis in Sept/Oct.

For other Ward 11 Supie locations, please see the Web Calendar,

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