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Glancaster Road Environmental Assessment – Permission to Enter Letter Sent Out Along Study Corridor:

Planning and economic development staff are initiating the Glancaster Road Phase 3 & 4 environmental assessment. In order for field work to start they are seeking Permission to Enter from land owners abutting the existing right of way and within the 37m Right of Way study area. The consulting team is in the process of being hired.

If your property lies within this area you can expect to receive duplicate letters. One that can be returned via mail and one that can be kept for your own information. You will also receive a letter explaining the background of the project and the expected works along the abutting properties – within the proposed total 37m right of way width.

Staff are asking the letters to be received by next Tuesday May 26 and are asking that they be returned by June 12, 2020. Scanned copies are also accepted and welcome.

Please follow the link to see the study map and background information on the project:

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