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Glanbrook Recreation “What’s Up & Coming”

 RECREATION,  notes from June 25th, 2013 Meeting:  Councillor Brenda Johnson talked about the need for recreation programs both indoors and outdoors and advised that she has been working with staff to bring about a number of new programs.   Staff are very willing to bring a lot of programs if residents are willing to use them. 

Brenda introduced Chris Herstek and Craig Rushton of the City’s Recreation Dept., to talk about what it available and what they are considering. 

Chris advised that staff are really excited about the new programs coming to Binbrook and his listed the following that are available for the Fall 2013 and Winter 2014.

At the Glanbrook Arena & Auditorium – Art, Music & Drama for pre-school 3-5 yrs “Exploring the Arts” – Guitar (Beginner) – Youth 9-12 yrs – Dance, Cheerleading & Gymnastics for pre-school 3-5 yrs “Creative Movement” – Hip Hop – Child 6-8 yrs – Hip Hop Youth 9-12 yrs – Boot Camp – Youth  9-12 yrs – Boot Camp – Teen  13-17 yrs – Boot Camp – Adult 18+ – Kettlebell – Adult 18+ – Zumba – Adult 18+ – Yoga 1 (Hatha) –  Adult 18+

At the Mount Hope Hall

–       Circuit Training – Adult 18+ –       Zumba – Adult 18+ –       Family Zumba – Ages 5+ –       Yoga 1 (Hatha) – Adult 18+

On top of these there are still many more programs offered at Hamilton Mountain, Valley Park & Stoney Creek Recreation Centres. 

There was also discussion about some new programs such as Sunset Yoga and drop in events at the Glanbrook Arena for youth.   These drop in events can be floor hockey or roller blading on the cement floor in the arena.  These would be no cost drop in activities.  There is also the ability to have a monthly Youth Dance if interest is there. 

Currently there are a number of Camp Supie Programs in the parks offering drop in activities for youth to participate in.  In the Binbrook area they are located at Laidman Park, Southbrook Park and Summit Park.  More details are on the Web Calendar.

Staff brought a number of handouts and also had a survey on hand to see what additional programs residents would be interested in. 

Questions from the meeting…….

Question:  What is the update on the skateboard park.  Answer:  Staff are working on that and they have details in place for a portable modular style park.  They plan are getting the youth together early this fall to plan out what they’d like it to look like.   It is hoped to have it fully in place for next spring 2014. 

Question:  Can’t we get skateboard items for this summer? Answer:  Staff would try to see what is available with short notice, but there wanted to consult with the youth before purchasing.

Question:  Where will the skateboard park go? Answer:  The ideal location would be a paved area next to the water tower.  It would be open, visible and centrally located.   The possibility of the Glanbrook Arena Parking lot was considered as well.

Question:  What about graffiti or trouble? Answer:  Youth tend to take real ownership with their skateboard equipment.  They share and work together and it generally is a very positive environment.   It was further noted that if youth trashed or didn’t take care of it, it could be moved to a different location where it was being taken care of.   However, it would stay within the Glanbrook Ward 11 area.

Question:  Will the transcab service the Glanbrook Arena? Answer:  Not at this time, but if the demand is there they could try and work something out.

Question:  Will there be any programs for children under 3 yrs of age. Answer:  The City generally doesn’t provide that age group with programs, but they could look at it if there is demand for it.

Question:  When will the splash pad by the water tower be completed. Answer:  It should be done  by 5pm Friday, June 28th, 2013 .

Question:  The meeting was very informative, what ways can we communicate with residents to they are aware and can attend.

Answer:  Let us know your email addresses as we E-Blast for all meetings.  They are also advertised on the Councillor’s Web Page in both the news section and the calendar.  They are also advertised in the Glanbrook Gazette.   It is also hoped that residents will naturally spread the word in person and on social media.  Brenda also advised that she is on Twitter, Brenda Johnson @CouncillorB

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