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Glanbrook Pandemic Heroes – the final four

Today we celebrate 4 Glanbrook Pandemic Heroes. Although this is the end of our posts from my office we know there are more pandemic heroes out there. We thank you all! Big or small gestures, kind words, just being there for each other – Thank you!

Allison Roberts

My Mom is a nurse at St.Joes in Hamilton and despite a underlying health condition herself, she has day after day gone work at the hospital during the pandemic, not missing one day. She also gathered PPE to help others when there was limited supply. In addition to working her nursing job at the hospital, she has been working weekends at the vaccine clinics in Hamilton. I miss her but I am happy she is helping people that are sick. She is an awesome Mom and always helps us when we get sick and sometimes others in the community so they don’t have to go to the hospital. Mom has been getting groceries for my grandparents so they stay safe. Brynn Roberts, 7yrs old

John Fresco

John Fresco lives on English Church Road. He is about a kilometre away from our house also on English Church Road. For the past several years and especially since the onslaught of Covid 19, John has made it his business to be sure our drive way is cleaned every time we get a good snow fall. He shows up with his skid steer and quickly looks after business. I have never asked him to do this, he just shows up. Sometimes it is late at night or early in the morning. When I say thank you, he says “It is just what neighbours do.” He makes a major difference to me since we have a long driveway, and even with a good snow blower, it is a big job. John is a good guy and certainly deserves a little extra thank you for his kind deeds. Roger Rose

Christine Morgan

Christine Morgan is my Covid Hero. Her 94-year-old mother sadly passed away last year in St. Catharines and Christine, a former nurse, was granted essential status so she could travel back and forth making sure all her mother’s needs were taken care of. She spent numerous hours with her mom in Emergency when she was rushed to the hospital on several occasions. Now her 95-year-old father is alone and has health issues of his own as well as appointments that he needs to be taken to. He tested positive for Covid this winter and lost several neighbours to this virus. Because of Christine’s dedication neither her mother nor father has had to move to a nursing home during this difficult past year. On top of all this Christine also takes care of her husband who has multiple health issues. With everyone’s safety in mind, being sure to have weekly Covid tests, wearing the proper PPE, etc., Christine carries on without complaint. She is setting a wonderful example for her young granddaughter who looks up to her gaga (grandmother). Birgit Gerke

Barbara Fanson

I wish to nominate Barbara Fanson as a Glanbrook Pandemic Hero. She organized a food drive at Corpus Christi Church in October 2020. She pulled 2,100 thistles from Homebrook Park Playground, when it was closed during the pandemic. She pulled 20 thistles a day every day until they were gone so that children could play safely in the park when it reopened. She continued to walk and raise funds in these annual fundraisers: Alzheimer’s Walk for Dementia and Bob Kemp’s Hike for Hospice. She continues to take her 88-year old mother to medical appointments and pick up supplies. She sends an email newsletter twice monthly to members of Corpus Christi church to keep them informed of church and community activities. Kristen Van Kampen

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