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Glanbrook Pandemic Heroes – reaching out to the community

Mia Del Grande

I nominate Mia Del Grande as a pandemic hero!! She’s been providing a great range of activities for families to do during the pandemic… Providing a fun pumpkin carving contest and running around to drop off pumpkins at everyone’s house that wanted to participate, as well as Christmas cookies decorating contest!!

She’s also an active member of the Mount Hope volunteer association, on the elementary public school council and she co-runs an inspirational book club group. Thank you, Laura Dunnam

Erika Naylor

For the Pandemic Hero project, I would like to nominate my wife, Erika Naylor.

While in the midst of recovering from brain surgery to treat Epilepsy and pull herself out of being a recluse due to her disability, she proposed over the Binbrook Rocks (Also Her Creation) Facebook Page that everyone come out of their homes to sing O Canada “together”.

On April 1st at 7:30 PM many residents of the Binbrook community came to sing and share company over their back fences and front porches. Several Videos were also posted to the Binbrook Rocks page .

Erika has always seeked to help others and raise their spirits in whatever small way she could during the past year, and I wanted to thank her for that.

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