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Glanbrook Pandemic Heroes – Glanbrook Community Services Volunteers

Kevin Keyte

Kevin is a warm and dedicated volunteer who goes above and beyond…especially since Covid. Kevin has volunteered with Glanbrook Community Services (GCS) for almost a decade and doesn’t hesitate to help wherever he is able! Not only does he serve on the Glanbrook Community Services (GCS) Board of Directors, but he also delivers hot and frozen meals twice weekly for our clients, many who are isolated and look forward to Kevin’s pleasant and happy disposition. He is extremely positive and everyone who is fortunate enough to have contact with Kevin during the deliveries is grateful for the interaction and timely manner in which he gets their meals to them. No job is too big or too small. Kevin doesn’t say no! We are lucky to have him as part of our organization and is a wonderful example of someone who gives their time genuinely to help others.

Kevin and Gina Keyte

These two go above and beyond, They deliver hot and frozen meals for Glanbrook Support. They are a tag team and often would travel in the car together with their dogs. I know for a fact that the people they deliver meals to are very fond of them. And especially in these times its a friendly face. Kevin has been involved with Glanbrook Support for many years now and has been on the board as well. A special thanks should go out to them.

Susan Dance

This is a person that has done many volunteer duties for Glanbrook Support. She has delivered meals to people when asked. She has helped with numerous fundraisers the Spring Fling, the Golf tournament, selling books. But she mainly takes people to appointments. During covid she would take extra precautions but would not hesitate to help people when ever she could. These people devote so much of their own time and should be applauded for it.

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