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Glanbrook Pandemic Heroes

I would like to thank our Glanbrook Pandemic Heroes personally from the bottom of my heart for their amazing efforts during this Covid 19 Pandemic.

During times like this, it is the efforts of individuals like these who really can make a difference. Kindness is a gift that can quite often go unrecognized, but their efforts did not go unnoticed and we wanted to share this with you.

Over the next several days we will be sharing the stories that were forwarded to our office by community members (In no particular order)

We could not pick just one winner so we are awarding all nominees with a gift basket! Our office will contact the heroes to arrange a porch drop off in the next few weeks.

Again, I would like to thank you and let you know that your kindness and thoughtfulness did not go unnoticed and you have made a difference during this time.

Chiara Agro

Since the pandemic, 11 year old Chiara Agro has been busy trying to embrace hope in any way she could. As a young entrepreneur, Chiara started a small business enterprise called “BEADS OF HOPE BY C”.

She wanted to create symbols of hope for all generations by creating colours of beads on safety pins that are retro looking which she says will make people think of good times. She has shipped her items worldwide with a special note to clients and packaged in a way where she uses gloves and takes all public health precautions when handling.

She currently has created beads themed for Easter and the upcoming Euro Cup season.

She has also gained traction as all the funds made goes to a charity close to our family. The Vitiligo Fund of Canada which as a family we created with endorsement of a member of parliament and St. Joes Hospital Foundation.

For a young mind, she has proven to be a leader in small business but more importantly a leader of hope for her family and friends. She also recognizes others and spends her days researching who can use the business by creating “Small Business Saturday” promoting others and collaborating with small businesses in Hamilton to help encourage support.

She has become a young hero because her kind heart and creative symbols of hope. Best part she is a local hero right here in our beloved Ward 11.

Mr. C. Agro

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